Set design for contemporary dance performance
Location: Nave del Duende, Casar, Cáceres
Year: 2010
Choreography: Michelle Man
Scenography: Ninom
Music: Francisco MM Cabeza de Vaca

'La Nave del Duende' de Casar Artistic Development Grant

TENT is a new project that aims to create a unique auditive experience through combining live electronics and movement with spatial manipulation. The creators of TENT are projecting the construction of a capsule that will allow the performative bodies to share a delimited habitat with its spectators. An arena is offered to experiment in the perception of the thresholds of sound and movement.

TENT as an investigation:
The base of our investigation in TENT will be to try to come closer to understanding and manipulating the thresholds of sound and movement through a cross-study of spatial, bodily and auditive tension. Maintaining an awareness of the unknown the team will create variable structural guideposts between sound, architecture and movement that will allow for attentive experiment.

Cellular concept reference

Concept sketch