Scenography piece at Ballesta Performance Festival 2008
Location: Former Kiss, Madrid
Year: 2008

2nd Prize at Ballesta International Festival

A former brothel abandoned during Triball process. Twelve rooms burdened of stories. We look into the walls and we are able only to find the squalid part of the flesh sale.

Vaccum packed flesh, like the one existing before in those rooms, decayed flesh as time goes by, like those women trapped in the brothel.

On the wall, a poster showing the erogenous quartering of a woman. Each flesh piece hang on a hook offering their services.

In the air, Carlos Gardel singing to love… “El día que me quieras Margarita...” We are in Ballesta, we are at the former Kiss brothel… we couldn´t make it other way...

Video Carnaza from Ninom on Vimeo.