Villota Winery

Villota winery within the vineyards
Scale: 120 sqm
Location: Laguardia, La Rioja, Spain
Status: Completed July 2017
Photographer: Jesus Granada

Abejera is a Private Tasting Hall within Villota winery. The building itself is an ancestral home is surrounded by 62 hectares of vineyard, located within a meander of the River Ebro in Laserna, Rioja.

Our personal involvement gave us the sensibility to realize the potential of this place. We worked using traditional constructive methods as a starting point, combined with the most up-to date solutions, and with the upmost respect for the history embedded in those walls. A huge window offers a magnificent view on the vineyard, reminding the visitor of the wine he is tasting. The exhibit of wines on display tells its story, framing the courtyard, while a stone, adobe and brick collage reveals the history layers hidden on those walls.

Site Plan